Monthly Archives: October 2003

Random weirdness with the King of Sarcasm himself…

*Bows to Simon’s profound ability to make utter nonsence interesting.* From an earlier IM convo over MSN, and please *no* questions on what on earth it means. Please! ^_^; —————— And I shall name it squidgy says: squid!!!!!! Michael says: *pokes squidgy* And I shall name it squidgy says: *squeek* Michael says: *enter squidgy’s friend […]
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Trudging through Thursday

I’m on CD #2 of ‘Queen – The Best Of’ at the moment, and I’m loving it! It’s surprising how many songs you recognise from your childhood when you listen to an older CD such as this. That makes it all the more nostalgic though. Nothing quite like reminiscing over all memories; *points to new […]
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Just Another Day…

^…Oingo Boingo reference. Just ignore that if you have no idea who they are. Right, that’s all of you then ^_^;. In any case, I figured I’d better start this, for all the bugging I gave Dave about the code ^_^;. I don’t know how long I’ll be using this for as I’m less than […]
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