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*Phew*. I’m back, not particularly exhausted, but I am feeling the stress of the amount of things that appear to be cropping up now. This weekend was basically ‘Millennium Volunteers’ hours where we did leadership training for bronze level participants of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. I now feel the need to list everything I […]
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Blitz Downloading

More blitz-downloading today. I managed to start working about 8.30, but I fizzled out by 1.00pm. I’ve had enough D&T this week now… I woke up this morning with a ferociously painful neck and it has been bugging me all today. I hope it wears off by tomorrow… I don’t fancy that short hike with […]
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Drowning in paper to Japanese lyrics…

I’ve been continuing with my design & technology folder today, as I was yesterday. I’ve made some progress, which is good. I reckon by tomorrow evening, before I leave for the MYP residential, I’ll have the development section mostly complete, save for a few minor details and neatening up still to do. Hopefully I can […]
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MYP visit & Wai-sun’s Monty Python fest! ^_^

Very busy Monday/Tuesday this week. First up, I had a Medway Youth Parliament visit to the Houses of Parliament. The group set off at 8.45am by coach to Westminster Abbey. We arrived about an hour late, but met briefly with Paul Clark before beginning our tour of the Palace of Westminster. We walked through the […]
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Trigonometric Identities

Oh joy. Oh yes. It’s another awful maths post, so feel free just to skip right over this. I only type these things up because it’s actually really good revision. It actively encourages me to think about the maths, and I’m likely to see it again when I log in. So without further adue: Basic […]
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And so half term approaches…

Usually I would look forward to half term, but for these final 8 weeks of school I’m going to have to just saddle myself down and ride it out. I mean, once I’m in University it’ll be a complete change and a chance for a relatively fresh start, regardless of where I go. And providing […]
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One more thing I hate…

…people chewing with their mouth open… *shudder*. It drives me places I’d rather not talk about… Okay, that was just an extension of yesterday’s quiz really. I have little else to say about today, other than that Rob introduced me to *Franz Ferdinand*, whom I think may grow on me quickly. Simon, Rob and myself […]
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‘Christian Ethics hang by a divine thread’ :P

Okay… Well I found that funny, but it is a philosophy in-joke, because you have to realise there is a theory called the ‘Divine Command theory’ and I suppose it really only works because I was reading the problems about it when revising this evening, hence the ‘hanging by a divine thread’. Hmmm. Moving on… […]
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