Monthly Archives: July 2004

I’m off to the Peak District

Yep, I leave in about half an hour and I won’t be back until Tuesday. I might well be unable to walk by then though; it depends how tough this route is. Hopefully it shouldn’t be too bad since everyone decided they wanted an ‘exploration’ instead of an ‘expedition’, which basically means less walking and […]
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In a hole

Just finished watching ‘The Hole’ that my sister taped. It’s a surprisingly good horror film actually – every twist in it caught me out, so it wasn’t at all predictable for me. There was psychological eeriness – which I always find is much more scary than flat out gore – and an interesting approach to […]
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I’ve got a golden ticket!

I’ve just found out reading on the new official Oingo Boingo website that Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is set to be re-made by non other than legend Tim Burton! What’s even better is than Danny Elfman is scoring it (lead singer of Oingo Boingo when they were around and film composer for films […]
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Gilbert’s Syndrome

I’ve just returned from the Doctor’s to talk about the results of that blood test I had before I went to Japan. Apparently I have a higher-then-normal level of bilirubin (37, the normal being about 22). Anything over 35 usually causes slight yellow discolouration in the whites of the eyes or skin. The level fluctuates, […]
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Japan – return

I suppose I should update this briefly to let everyone know I’m actually back. Also, apologies for the mistake in the last post that a friend pointed out to me; I meant I would be very UNlikely to reply to emails while I was in Japan. In any case, the whole trip rocked! I miss […]
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Japan beckons!

Alrighty. I’m off to Japan tomorrow for 10 days and it’s very likely I would update or check email at all, unless I get a lucky chance to use an Internet cafe. So goodbye and have fun to all for the next week and a half. I’ll be off to bed soon when I’ve finished […]
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Room 101

Last night was good fun. I met Simon at Rainham station and we joined up with Jenni, Dave, Lianne and Chris on the train, and later Rob and Wai-sun in London. We had dinner at Zipangu first – all crowded into the small cavern area on the lower floor – which was great food and […]
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GAP interview

I had my GAP interview in Reading today. They phoned me up at short notice to say they had a vacancy and since I’d spoken to them about not being able to attend one over the next few weeks, I got offered the chance, so it was kinda lucky in that respect. I found the […]
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