Monthly Archives: August 2004

Japan Diary! (Abridged)

Yes, it’s finally here. After over a month of faffing around with one thing or another, it’s here for your reading pleasure. Please enjoy the (lengthly) entries of my diary over those 11 great days ^_^. I’ve posted these entries in reverse order so you can view them in the correct order… If my theory […]
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Chris visits!

So so so… I’ve booked the gap year flight and submitted forms to open a new bank account with Nationwide today, that I can access all over the world. It’s a visa debit card but this is of course assuming I can understand a Japanese ATM machine or there’s an English option ^^;. My old […]
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London, passports, visa and anime

Today was the first of what I imagine will be many hectic days sorting out my gap year plans. I received the Action Pack from GAP yesterday and spent most of the day reading over it and gathering together information. This morning I went to Chatham station to buy an all-day travel card around London, […]
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Chris’s sleepover

Dave picked me up from school after finished the second day of Summer School. We made sushi and did some calligraphy as well, which I really enjoyed – it helped reinforce my kanji knowledge and was somewhat calming and satisfying to do. Shortly afterwards, we went to the Tiger Moth pub and then onwards to […]
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My belated birthday party & other stuff

Whoo! So, I returned from the Peak District on Tuesday after a pretty hard few days. It was cut short and we had to miss the 7 or so extra kilometres we would have walked on the last day due to a problem, but otherwise, we walked about 55km over 4 days. My feet survived […]
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