Monthly Archives: September 2004

Osaka and Yamasaki

Seeing as I haven`t updated in a while, there`s a lot to say and little time to say it all. I`ll begin by thanking those who have sent me letters and such, in case I run out of time ^_^.
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Shiso address

Today was slightly better than normal; I got to watch caligraphy (not particpate in, unfortunately, because I thik it`s something the residents pay for). I`m also getting to know some of the residents a little better, which is good. I can`t afford to update fully this time, but Jessica and I are joining up with […]
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More from Shiso

Coming to you from Bokusho-san`s Temple, Wednesday evening. We are at the tea ceremony again – just as good a second time ^_^.
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At Shiso

So, I`ve been at Shiso Home about a week now and the reason for the lack of updates is simply because we have to pay for the Internet, and use it within a 2 hour block each day – which also convieniently includes dinner in that timespan. So yup, not at all pleased with that, […]
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GAP Japan Diary – Beginning!

Hey hey all. This is the first update from right here in Tokyo, Japan! The flight went relatively well, aside from the fact they made me put my hand luggage into the plane’s hold (is was more than double the normal weight for hand luggage, because I brought so many books with me) and as […]
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