Monthly Archives: December 2004

Winter Sonata

I’ve been forgetting to add this to the last few entires, but Heather mentioned it in an email just recently and I thought I`d say something. We`ve been going to Maeda-san`s house often since we arrived in Japan and she told us the previous GAP volunteers at the Cheshire Homes, Nicki and Anna, loved a […]
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Christmas happenings

Re-capping on the last month or so`s events, there`s been a fair bit I haven`t mentioned. In early December we visited Himeji again, with our Japanese sensei Maeda-san, for some Christmas shopping.
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I haven`t really got much time to go into detail about everything that`s happened since I last updated, and I haven`t been feeling particularly great anyway lately. Check Dave`s or Heather`s journal for notes about the Christmas Party with Pauline Hook last Sunday. Hopefully there`ll be a more positive update after Christmas.
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Three months!

That`s right, I`ve reached the approximate halfway mark of my stay already. Can you believe it? It`s actually more if you count the number of working days and don`t include my allocated holiday at the end o.O;
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