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Things have been fairly hectic the past week or so. I`ve been engaged in visa, flight and insurance enquiries, numerous talks with Jyoki-san and Kataoka-san, and email-phone call tennis matches with the GAP coordinators, all over the issue of my staying out here longer.
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Osaka Kaiyuukan and Capsules

Well well, fellow droogies, things have been a malenky bit horrorshow lately. Those of you who understand what I mean have likely read `A Clockwork Orange` by Anthony Burgess (if not, I recommend it). Those of you who know me would probably now wonder why I was using the `nadsat` speak used in the book […]
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Arrival of Winter

It has been snowing on and off here at Shiso effectively since my last post. We didn`t see a White Christmas, but it`s more than been made up for in the weeks since. On New Year`s Eve, the four of us went to Bokusho-san`s Temple (where our local Tea Ceremony takes place) for a Buddhist […]
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