Monthly Archives: May 2005

Jack Johnson and Shodoshima

It’s odd that I’ve forgotten to include the topic in my posts, but Sunday saw me heading out to the Zepp Hall in Osaka to see Jack Johnson, live. Kyunai Ayaka-san brought a CD of his along to play during exercise care way back in January and I was caught by the intriguing lyrics and […]
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The Power of the Sith

Not that I usually plug many things, nor have the time to, but this one my mum sent me deserves to be posted. What else but the classic `20 Questions` utilising Lord Vader`s `Sith Sense`. Can YOU beat the power of the Dark Side..? I did (hehe). The Light Side always prevails! (Not immodest at […]
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Thoughts on work

It occurs to me that if I don`t start writing in this now, I may never get around to it before I return home. Considering my paper diary is still on `catch up`, although much closer now – only a week or so behind – and the length of time it took me to write […]
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