Monthly Archives: August 2005

Random quiz

I will give a proper update soon, but it’s 5.05am and I’ve still not got back into a good sleeping pattern. I’ve been up configuring my internet firewall, getting rid of spyware and viruses and generally catching up on my missed geekiness with all things computers. Here’s a test for added measure. *Yawn*. `Night. (-_-)
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Surfing on the gentle hum of air

My computer is in a state of stability! (he says, praying not to jinx it…) All that remains for me to is modify the graphics card cooler with a quieter one and I shouldn’t hear anything from my box at all. Then just more software installations, although the drivers are bound to throw up some […]
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Return and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I came back safely last Thursday but didn’t get home until early evening. I haven’t been up to much really; doctor’s appointments, eye examinations (I’m considering contacts for certain occasions such as sports) and catching up with my family. We’ve been out to a couple of meals and went to see CatCF tonight. Sorry for […]
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