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Casio Ex-Word XD-GW9600

At long last! After tax problems and delays, I’m the proud owner of a brand new Dench’! My old electronic dictionary, a Canon Wordtank G55 broke about a month ago after I dropped my bag. I replaced it with the Casio Ex-word XD-GW9600! I’m a sucker for technology ^_^;. Check out the pictures!
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Import tax on the Dench’!?

Ooo, boy did I get stung this morning. I really feel like I took another step towards becoming a Fully-Fledged Adult today. And if this is what Adulthood consists of I’d rather hide away under my books and keep eating sweets until my teeth fall out than face it. Tax. *Shudder* Perhaps a huge ignorance […]
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On banners & Ambigrams

I finally got around to creating a special page where I give credit for all the images and inspiration I have used when creating the banner images you see in the header at the top of this site. Also, for those of you who haven’t spent time refreshing the main page to see all 4 […]
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Club Nintendo & Hanafuda!

What fine, dandy people they are over at Nintendo of Japan. Register a few points and then spend them on exclusive, free, kick-ass Club Nintendo gifts like Nintendo music CDs, DS-Lite pouches and even the odd DS game or two!
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Zeitgeist, The Movie

Zeitgeist – “The spirit of the age”. A picture painted based on the general thoughts of a period in time. So what is the Zeitgeist today? Peter Joseph, producer of the ‘Zeitgeist, The Movie’ suggests it’s not quite the way we are led to believe. The caption on Google Video reads, “What does Christianity, 911 […]
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Christmas comes early!

In the form of a ‘Goodies’ page, new banner and Tatsuro Yamashita (山下達郎)! I’ve now added an organised page in which all of the stuff I upload in various posts will also be listed, so feel free to head over there from time to time and see what you can find!
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Broken Dench’

What a week! If I may be permitted to take a break from philosophical ponderings and come back down to earth, I’d like to write a little about the events that unfolded… What a bad week it has been! I mean, in the grand scheme of things I suppose things have been fair. Some things […]
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