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Problems with Modal Realism

Okay, so we’re well under way. We have a theory of Possible Worlds, which looks nice and really helps us (okay, perhaps just Philosophers) talk about the world more clearly with one another. Sounds good, but it comes at a heavy price. Here are some of the big objections to Lewis’s Genuine Modal Realism.
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Possible Worlds

Genuine Modal Realism (GMR) Okay, so we’re no longer frightened by ‘Realism’ right? At least, not by the terminology. If you’re not sure, check here for a primer. So what is Modal Realism? In a general sense, ‘Modality’ is talking about what is possible. What could have been, what could have been otherwise and what […]
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Realism vs. Anti-Realism – primer

Whatnow? Realism? And Anti-Real-isms? Since this is the first time I’ve written about Realism and Anti-Realism, perhaps I should start with a brief explanation of what we (those bearding-twirling Philosophers and their bald counterparts) mean when we talk of objects being ‘real’ or not. For one to be ‘realist’ about something is to say two […]
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Happy New Year!

あけましておめでとうございます! Apologies for the lack of updates over Christmas and the New Year! I was busy eating my way through pounds of chocolate and mince pies while spending time with my family and my girlfriend. But I did do a little Wii Sports Boxing to compensate for all the indulgences! Though I’d prefer to forget […]
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