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Hot CROC and Rasputin

Hot Caramelised Red Onion Chutney (Hot CROC)! A Somerfield wonder! I mentioned this stuff a while ago during a particularly bad week I had (I didn’t get to eat it then as I dropped and smashed the jar!) But recently I managed to get my hands on it again and so the Welsh Rarebit with […]
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Japanese Speech Contest 2008

On 2nd February at Imperial College London, the Third Japanese Speech Contest for University Students took place. Applications had been as far back as November last year, but with the encouraging enthusiasm of my teachers, I took the plunge and submitted my short essay.
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Crying – that lump in your throat

What causes that lump in your throat when you cry? Being ‘all choked up’? That tightening sensation that grips you when you are moved to feel strong emotions? This was the question that popped into my head this evening. It’s something I’ve come to expect as normal on those occasions when I feel lachrymose that […]
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Reading philosophy

Who are the philosophers you would no doubt read if only you had the time? How about the philosophers you suspect that everyone has pretended to read, but whom very few have? If you’ve ever thought there’s just too much reading in philosophy, you’ll be pleased to know there’s only one essential philosopher to read. […]
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