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Spider art and plucking

In a recent post about my attempts at some high-energy Spiderman Para Para, I mentioned one of the two artists, Hayoung Joo, was doing artwork based on the spider theme. We became better acquainted last week when I was summoned to her studio to once again lend my hand ‘in the name of art’. But […]
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Hume’s Moral Philosophy

In his ‘Treatise’, Hume targets rationalism and is most noted for saying that ‘reason is the slave of the passions’ and challenging the thought held that morality is discovered by the use of reason. Hume is an empiricist, and his ideas about the passions are said to have influenced Kant in his rationalist argument for […]
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Kant’s Moral Philosophy

Kant is known for his work the ‘The Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals’ (or just the ‘Groundwork’) and his Categorical Imperative (CI). He sets out by analysing our general ideas and presuppositions of morality with the aim of showing that the foundations of morality are based on autonomous reason. Moreover, he thinks that we […]
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Aristotle’s Moral Philosophy

Aristotle’s Nicomachean ethics focus on the virtues (aretê) or ‘excellences of character’ and as such he is known as a virtue theorist. He emphasises the importance of ethics as a practical discipline rather than a theoretical one and as such he is interested in finding out the things we need to live well and how […]
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Moral Philosophy – primer

I’ll be writing about the various main strands of Moral Philosophy over the coming days as a form of revision. I’ll be looking at Aristotle, Hume, Kant and Mill and their respective philosophies to do with ethics and morality. I may not be able to get through each of the 4 prominent philosophers due to […]
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Okaeri – Ayaka

I am currently watching a new drama airing in Japan called ‘Zettai Kareshi’ (絶対彼氏) – ‘Absolute Boyfriend’ and, as is usual with these sorts of dramas, the theme song caught my attention. It recently got released in Japan and has some interesting Irish sounds in it too…
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Spiderman Para Para

Last month my house mate and I got roped into performing some Para Para for a friend of ours, Mia Chen. She is doing a PhD with a focus on Cosplay (Costume Play – dressing up as a character) and one of her pieces involves the style of dance known in Japan as ‘Para Para’.
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