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Club Nintendo Member Gifts 2008

It’s that time of year again where we all start to get the Christmas feeling, and Nintendo Japan is as early as the rest of them with their latest batch of lovely members-only gifts. Last year included a Platinum Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack, a Super Famicom-shaped Wii controller and a calendar.
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Nyoki Nyoki, Mydodolook and Magibon

Youtube videostars – Nyoki Nyoki, Mydodolook and Magibon. This is the new form of entertainment, apparently. These sort of popular “vloggers” are sweeping in viewers from all over. And how? Through tactical kawaii (cute) fa├žades and mind-bogglingly teasing gimmicks!
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Squid ties and USB drives

Another deep sea creature-related post that vaguely sings of bioluminescence. Behold! No longer is your USB key bound to those boring plastic cases! Accessorise your keys with a squid. And not just any squid – a Firefly Squid. I wonder if it glows blue when you plug in its tentacles?
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Metaethics Intro

Back to School! I’ve entered my final year at University and am taking 3 modules: ‘Metaethics’ and ‘Kant’s Critical Philosophy’ this semester and next semester will be the Philosophy of Sex! This year could well be the last time I post seriously about philosophically-related things, but I will always try to keep that ‘breath of […]
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Three Quirky Deep Sea Creatures

Three fascinating deep sea creatures strutting their stuff; the Firefly Squid (arguably Japan’s most recognisable bioluminescent organism), some dinoflagellates (glow-in-the-dark plankton) and the rainbow-like comb-jelly, which looks more like a circus merry-go-round in the dark than a deep-sea lifeform!
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