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Why say Moshi Moshi twice?

Moshi-whatnow? “Moshi Moshi” da yo! This is the expression Japanese people use when answering the phone. But why on earth say it twice? Isn’t once enough for you?? Today I explain the reason for that giving oft-uttered phrase in a double dose. Moshi-Moshi, are you listening?
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Lucky Japanese Girls

Ever wondered why some girls can stop a guy at 10 paces and others make him run for cover? Do you know how to tell a gold-digger from your perfect wife? Join me in on another trip into the bizarre world of Japanese television and discover ‘Ageman’ – girls who bring good fortune!
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Refusing people in Japanese

I’m disinclined to acquiesce your request, dear Sir.” We all have times when we need to politely refuse requests. But how to turn someone down without upsetting the balance or damaging the trust in the relationship? Here are some useful expressions to help you turn someone down, Japanese style.
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Happy Birthday Darwin!

I can’t let today pass without giving one of the greatest Naturalists of our time a proper birthday message! A—– Happy, happy, happy, happy birth-day, Dear Darwin! 200 years young today! ^^; Most people are probably much fonder of Darwin today than they were when he published the Origin of the Species 150 years ago, […]
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Fish and Chips

A bit of a re-post of the earlier January article on the Top 10 British Fish and Chip shops that I wrote for the benefit of my Japanese readers. It turns out that this month’s Japanese blog matsuri is on ‘Foreign Foods’, so what better a thing to introduce than a bit of the old […]
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GTO Jdrama

Great Teacher Onizuka! GTO is *the* best Japanese drama. Yes, it’s cheesy, cliché at times and really pushing the boundaries of real-life, but it leaves you with a sublime feel-good factor. Did I mention you can also learn really cool yakuza-style casual Japanese too?
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