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Wason Card Puzzle Solution

Alrighty then! Time for the solution to that tricky little logic puzzle, the Wason Card Problem. I was impressed! I have many smart readers out there! (SPOILER)
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Wason Card Puzzle

Ho ho! Today I have a fun little philosophical puzzle for you that you can impress your friends with (after getting it right yourself!) It’s called the Wason card problem, and only a reputed 5% of university-educated adults get it right!
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Japansoc Poken Contest

Oh yes old chap. I’ve only gone and entered myself into the devilishly hot Japansoc Poken Contest, haven’t I? I was feeling a little tired of typing, so I threw together a rather fine montage for you on Youtube!
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Warship Island

Just spotted this haikyo news article in the Japan Times. Apparently a 35-year landing ban has been lifted on Hashima Island, better known as ‘Gunkanjima’ or ‘Warship Island’. The 480×160 metre long island was abandoned in 1974 after its coal mine collapsed.
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Hey all. Just to let you know that my website has moved to the domain:
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Learn Kansai-ben

A recent interview saw me exploring some of the wonders of Kansai-ben with a native speaker. If you’re like me, you might have an interest in this wacky dialect from Southern Japan, so come and learn a few phrases with us!
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Fine Orient relaunch

Fine Orient is an e-commerce site primarily focused around Japanese goods, particularly women’s kimono, but also has a large range of oriental goods, such as Chinese calligraphy, handbags and purses, japanese gifts and even some luxurious oriental-themed women’s nightwear, pyjamas and pyjama sets!
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