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Decaying Volcano Observation Deck

Alrighty. Here’s the second part of the huge volcano museum explore here in Japan. This time I’m focussing on the upper levels and the crumbling observation deck. Also included is a video compilation of the footage I took while visiting. Enjoy!
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Mysterious Abandoned Volcano Museum

A decaying observation tower and a haikyo museum blanketed in shadows rest at the foot of one active Japanese volcano. Patches of snow cover the surrounding countryside and the ominous gong of a pinprick temple in the distance drifts into my ears on an early winter wind. Here’s my recent visit to these ruins.
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Autumn Networking 2009

I’ve been pretty busy during the last few weeks, hoping back and forth between Tokyo and Nagoya, stopping off at Hakone and infiltrating numerous haikyo. And in the crevices between all that? Networking with some of Japan’s finest j-bloggers, adventurers and musicians. And hey, Autumn isn’t even over yet!
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Horrific My Neighbour Totoro

I came across an inspired Japanese horror video recently which included a rather unsettling interpretation of the Ghibli classic film ‘My Neighbour Totoro’. Going in search of the image lead me to the talented author on Deviantart. So today, a bit of dark-hearted nastiness sprinkled with macabre. Enjoy.
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Top Japan-related people to follow Twitter list

Alrighty folks and folkesses! You might have been wondering what all this fuss is about with the launch of Twitter lists. What? You haven’t?? Why then you m’boy have been sleeping under a rock! Here’s the top Japan and Japanese-related people to follow on Twitter in a one handy list!
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