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Just a brief update about the site. I finally added content to the ‘About‘ page (should I have any readers who don’t actually know me – if so, post a comment and say hello!) and also added a Contact form if anyone wants to get in touch.

I’m pretty busy with Philosophy essays and work for the upcoming JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) Level 2, and I’ve yet to establish a regular posting rhythm, but I’m getting there. Writing interesting content is not as easy as it seems! Long gone are the days I could just rant about my bad day and expect people to want to read about it ^^;.

Look for a post about Philosophy soon. I’m currently engaged in studying Epistemology and Realism and Anti-Realism. It all begins with Descartes’ old saying:

“I think, therefore I am”

Nothing scary there, or is there? Stay tuned!

3 comments on “About Me & Contacting
  1. Dennis Ansell says:

    Hi Michael

    Just saying Hello and looking over the site as I am moving over to Japan to live in a few month with my wife Saori, so I have been researching environmental conditions amongst other things, I have a lot to learn in a short time frame including improving on my language skills.


  2. Juichiro says:

    Hi Michael/Gakuranman!
    I know you because I have seen your name popped in Tofugu a couple of times. Apparently, you have a relatively advanced/fluent level of Japanese so as a Japanese learner I am curious.

    1. Are you studying philosophy and Japanese at university?
    2. Did you learn kanji by rote memorisation or did you use Heisig or did you make your own personal Wanikani?
    3. Is Gakuranman a personal blog?


    • Hi. Thanks for dropping by!

      1) I graduated from university after studying Philosophy and Japanese.
      2) I learnt Kanji (readings) by actual usage in context and by drilling readings in Anki in preparation for the JLPT exams.
      3) Gakuranman is my personal site focused on stories and adventure. Gakuu is my membership site for learning intermediate-advanced Japanese.

      Cheers :)

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