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A thousand apologies… I seem to be running through these profile things again too much recently. This one is Ansir’s, a pretty good (if somewhat long) analysis. These are really good for self-awareness, or finding words to descibe yourself if nothing else :P


My results:


Family is a common thread running through all they think and do.
They are gifted negotiators.

“High energy and organization are hallmarks of these busy individuals. Kinsmen enjoy a wide variety of interests, though for a vast majority music and fitness were found to figure prominently. Others, generally and genuinely “like” wide-smiling and warmly approachable Kinsmen. Most feel safe around them and for good reason. Kinsmen take care of others. Like most logicals, when Kinsmen tackle a job or project, they start from the premise of a well-defined problem and a clear objective. How-ever, in Kinsmen solution systems there is one personality-typical step that differentiates their approach from all others. At set intervals, Kinsmen makes allowance for consensus-taking. All privy and party to outcomes are invited to review their state of progress, to opine, and give their nod of approval before Kinsmen feels confident about proceeding. Not fulfilling obligations, when and as promised, is demoralizing for conscientious Kinsmen. With their highly-evolved sense of responsibility and strong need to please, no other is as self-critical or as quick to don the mantle of blame, as them.” …


Generally, they are physically attractive but appear unapproachable.
They are not afraid to speak up for themselves or for others when called for.

“Sentinels solve problems in linear order and meet deadlines conscientiously. They pay attention to details, so their conclusions are usually above reproach or dispute. They are team players who respect prescribed procedure, and are more comfortable when job objectives and expectations are clearly spelled out. Responsibly, Sentinels don’t say they can or they will unless they’re qualified and capable, not just of doing, but of doing well. Their keenest intellect is their sensory, gut-deep smarts — what accounts for their exceptionality and adds to their workplace value. For instance, in sales Sentinel ranks among the top achievers. With their unique sense ability for reading between the lines, they’re able to deliver what clients want more often than others. This cellular skill is a distinct workplace asset, though Sentinel and others often don’t realize it’s merit for mutual advantage.” …


Their emotions bubble over easily and unexpectedly.
They may confuse being used with being needed.

“Ranked among the most powerful of ANSIR® Styles, Empath is endowed with incredible gifts: emotion-acuity and intellect second-to-none. These innate skills and abilities are necessary as their purpose and message can alter man, world, and future, upon delivery. They are purely emotional beings. Most don’t realize how powerful they are, or how destructive they can be. As children, when teased and/or taunted for being sissy, Empath begins to mask their feelings. When they begin to speak, they may mask their thoughts as well. Before they talked, they knew more or less what others were thinking and wanting, and often responded before words were spoken. When they learn to speak, they also learn what “good,” “bad,” and “worst” feels like. Good is when others like what they say; bad is when they don’t; and worst is when others get angry. Why do they get this sure answer inside but when they act accordingly, get mixed and unexpected responses — from happy love to angry hate? It shakes their faith in their ability to understand, when loved and trusted others tell them with words what they feel is not right. They become reactionary chameleons, expert at fitting themselves into whatever mood-mold pleases, and thus beginning what will become an Empath trait, “tell them what they want to hear.” …

>Profile Boss™ is Empath

Seems okay, expect for the last line: ‘telling them what they want to hear’. I don’t usually do this… yet(?)

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