At the Eleventh Hour…

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So today is the 11th November, 2011. And this post goes live at 11:11am, at precisely 11 seconds, I guess. A curious date, if nothing else. I read many couples are scrambling to submit their marriage proposals, and of course, we have the usual cries of doom from soothsayers. I was thinking of making some grand post to mark the occasion, but what am I marking exactly? If anything, the real date was back in the year 1111. I wonder what people made of it then…

So anyway, here’s a completely trivial, but ultimately special little tribute. Anyone else ever play Trilobyte’s old game “The 11th Hour”? I preferred the prequel, 7th Guest, but both were cool puzzlers back in my youth. The adventures involved 1st person exploration in an old haunted mansion owned by a toymaker named Stauf who went insane. A skeletal hand guided you for movement, and a throbbing brain and eyeball cropped up to show puzzles to be solved. I wonder if the game had any bearing on my current hobby. Hmm…

Here’s a screenshot, and also a few mp3 files I ripped from the game way back. Funnily enough, they still manage to find a home on my ipod! :D

11th Hour – The Final Hour – Melodic 10 minute piece of music.
11th Hour – Mr. Death – Quirky song about a guy named…
11th Hour – Hey Conductor – Instrumental piece I always loved.

The music is by The Fat Man. Website here where you get CDs and stuff.

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