At the Eleventh Hour…

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So today is the 11th November, 2011. And this post goes live at 11:11am, at precisely 11 seconds, I guess. A curious date, if nothing else. I read many couples are scrambling to submit their marriage proposals, and of course, we have the usual cries of doom from soothsayers. I was thinking of making some grand post to mark the occasion, but what am I marking exactly? If anything, the real date was back in the year 1111. I wonder what people made of it then…

So anyway, here’s a completely trivial, but ultimately special little tribute. Anyone else ever play Trilobyte’s old game “The 11th Hour”? I preferred the prequel, 7th Guest, but both were cool puzzlers back in my youth. The adventures involved 1st person exploration in an old haunted mansion owned by a toymaker named Stauf who went insane. A skeletal hand guided you for movement, and a throbbing brain and eyeball cropped up to show puzzles to be solved. I wonder if the game had any bearing on my current hobby. Hmm…

Here’s a screenshot, and also a few mp3 files I ripped from the game way back. Funnily enough, they still manage to find a home on my ipod! :D

11th Hour – The Final Hour – Melodic 10 minute piece of music.
11th Hour – Mr. Death – Quirky song about a guy named…
11th Hour – Hey Conductor – Instrumental piece I always loved.

The music is by The Fat Man. Website here where you get CDs and stuff.

4 comments on “At the Eleventh Hour…
  1. aaron says:

    hey mike,

    its been a while. hope you are well. just wanted to write a quick note to say how impressed i am by your site. really dig the redesign, and love your recent excursions and photos. keep it up! i felt i would leave a comment here because i recognized the thumbnail immediately.

    so not to be completely off topic…my favorite puzzle was in 7th guest…finally unscrambling the lettered cans was one of the most personally satisfying game moments. that was where i learned the word ‘tryst’ as well. which still occasionally serves me in scrabble as well.


  2. Christy says:

    Awwwh! I played 7th guest through several times. It is still one of my favorites and hearing the music is like a punch in the nostalgia gut. I was so excited for 11th Hour to come out but I didn’t like it at all. What was your favorite puzzle on 7th? I always got stuck on the bishop puzzle, but I think I had the most fun with the microscope one.

  3. TigrouMeow says:

    That’s a very random post :) Haha, that’s cool you made a little tribute to that cool game. I remember 7th Guest much more indeed, as it was sold in bundle with cd-rom players and Soundblaster soundcards. I couldn’t believe my own eyes at that time, such cool animations! Graphic-wise it wasn’t such a novelty though, as we all knew already at that time the amazing game called Myst! Anyway, wow, all those games were really amazing, and they are my best memories as a player.

    • Gakuranman says:

      Yea, it was the only remotely relevant thing I could think of! These games gave me plenty of long hours thinking about puzzles though. I’d often leaves them playing the creepy background tracks while I went off to dinner or to help out around the house.

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