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Great Tohoku Earthquake 4

We are approaching 2 weeks since the great earthquake. The situation appears to have calmed down somewhat with less aftershocks and some significant advancements at the nuclear power plant. But we’re not out of the water yet – contaminated food is being reported daily and drinking water is suffering the same fate. Meanwhile efforts to […]
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Great Tohoku Earthquake 3

A week has passed since The Great Three Trials of Japan began. First a tremendous earthquake, second a destructive tsunami and third a fractured nuclear power station. Pressure is still on the brave workers at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant to safely cool the six troubled reactors and the government struggles with getting relief […]
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Great Tohoku Earthquake 2

When I first started live blogging about the Great Tohoku Earthquake, I never expected I would still be doing it nearly a week later. I’ve had to archive important importation like this due to the sheer number of updates and hits I’ve been receiving. Below you will find the second part of the crisis unfolding.
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Great Tohoku Earthquake 1

The beginning of the Great Tohoku Earthquake. Start here to read events as they unfolded, all listed in reverse chronological order. To see the latest developments, click the link below.
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Dead Creatures from the Deep

Lurking in the depths of the Nagoya Aquarium is a rather bizarre set of creatures. A display of critters from the deepest oceans, some with protruding lanterns and others with detachable jaws designed to swallow even the smallest of prey. All dried and unquestionably dead.
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Love Land – A Quirky Korean Sex Park

Although Japan has its fair share of seedy districts, sex museums and even Penis festivals, oddly enough the first place I ended up exploring was not in the Land of the Rising Run at all. Not too far off the coast of Kyushu, about halfway towards the Korean mainland is a small island called Jeju. […]
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Page Rank in the Japan Blogosphere

Google Page Rank is one of the measures used to determine a site’s importance. It’s based not only on the number of incoming links, but also on the quality and relevance of each link. Kinda like sites voting for one another. But it’s not just how many people you know, it’s also who you know.
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Menace of the Deep

The eye sockets were bottomless, absorbing every flickr of remaining light. The soul of an old diver having long since succumbed to the darkness. Left to skulk alone in the depths of the ocean.
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