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Speculation about the Royal House Family

It’s been a while, but conversation about the unknown members of the ‘Royal House’ haikyo family has flared up again. This time, the knowledgeable folk on 2ch have come through with some impressive theories and leads on characters.
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A look back at 2010 on

There’s no question that 2010 has been the biggest and best year on thus far, with over 200% growth in the average number of visits, several articles exploding with high traffic, a new haikyo niche gaining popularity and photoblog-style posts taking priority. Here’s the year’s highlights.
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The Royal House Mystery Unravels

My most recent haikyo post created a miniature storm on the internet. A variety of English and Japanese-speaking sites were all commenting on the ‘Royal House‘ ruins that had lain dormant for so long. Speculation on who used to live there and what their relationship was to the Imperial Family of Japan.
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Gakuranman Youtube Channel Has Moved!

Hey all. Really short update today just to point you in the direction of my new Youtube channel.
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The Royal House Haikyo

Occasionally we come across haikyo that are shocking not due to an unsettling atmosphere or dilapidated state of grandeur, but because of the historical significance of objects left behind. Pieces that might better belong in a museum that have long been forgotten and stolen glimpses into the lives of past inhabitants that should have gone […]
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Fifteen Fantastic Froggie Fotos

A collection of frog pictures I took in various places in Japan over the last few months with my new macro lens on the Olympus E-P1. Gotta love these gorgeous amphibians!
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A Return to the Sepulchral Doctor’s Shack

Just shy of a year ago I came across an age-old medical shack hidden in the heart of the Japanese countryside. Brimming with mystery and intrigue, I thought I had seen everything the place had to hide, but a repeat visit with a fellow urbexer unearthed an abundance of creepy new discoveries. Just in time […]
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Skritter for Writing Japanese: Review

Skritter is an interesting site I came across a while ago which specialises in one particular thing: writing Japanese and Chinese characters. Here’s my thoughts on the website and how it can help you learn Japanese.
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