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Raiders of the Lost Subterranean Shrine

The day was drawing to a close and my haikyo partner and I could already hear the noisy mating gerrops of frogs. But one last thing had caught our eye. A shadowy hole cut into the upper regions of the cliff beckoned us in the fading light. A cave, perhaps..?
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Grape Picking on a Hot Summer’s Day

Here’s a gentle ‘living in Japan’ post for you all with a splash of language learning and colourful photography. Grape picking in Japan (ぶどう狩り – budou gari) is one of the many fruit-related activities one can do over the summer. And quite a delicious one, too!
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Flutterscape Competition Winners!

Alrighty then. It’s high time I announced the winners to my recent competition with Flutterscape! There were a great selection of insightful entries with advice on how to best learn a foreign language which made it really tough to choose the best, but it had to be done. See below if you’re getting goodies from […]
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Japanese One Point Lesson: 青姦

It’s been a while since I looked at some interesting Japanese, so “Let’s Nihongo!” it up with a frisky little word I learnt during my intercourse with Japan. Oh yes, be afraid. Here comes a terrible orgy of puns for ‘Aokan’ (青姦), the little-known word for getting busy under the stars.
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The Ethereal Void of the Maya Hotel

I know, what a title eh? Words have failed me. Or perhaps I have failed them. It didn’t seem like much at the time, but having gone through the batch of photos from my latest haikyo outing, it’s now obvious that I had passed through another world without quite realising it.
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Lost Worlds – Japan Times Articles

A collection of haikyo articles penned by Japan Times staff writer Eriko Arita ventures into the deeper meaning behind ruins exploration and its popularity in Japan. A mention of my thoughts of the subject are included in one of the stories.
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Flutter Japanese Goods Home: Giveaway!

Flutterscape. What a marvellous idea. I wish I’d thought of it myself. Japan is packed to the brim with unique and tasty goods and usually the only way you’ll get your hands on them is through a Japanese friend or one of those dubious-looking companies.
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Touring Japan 2010: Day 8 – Kaiyukan

The final day in my trip was a pretty relaxed one. I decided to head on over to Kaiyukan, the impressive aquarium at Osaka bay. I’ve been there once before some 3 years ago, but with my renewed interest in all things aquatic, a return visit would not go amiss!
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