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Photography with Jason Collin

Since coming to Japan and acquiring my Olympus E-P1 I’ve been getting into photography in a more serious way than ever before. I’ve been dabbling since I was 16, but more recently learning in leaps and bounds with the help of one professional photographer, Jason Collin.
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The Corrosion of an Elephantine Haikyo Bus

The last rays of light were falling behind the trees as I exited a cursed love hotel, but my sense of excitement had yet to fade. So before wrapping up my solitary ruins exploration for the day, I decided to sweep the neighbourhood. A haikyo bus lay awaiting me in the undergrowth…
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Jeju Mysterious Road and Totem Pole Graveyard

A recent trip took me West of Kyushu to a small Korean island known as Jeju, famous for its three plentiful things – wind, women and rocks. What I wasn’t expecting to find was a stunning optical illusion and ghoulish graveyard ruin full of rotting totem poles!
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On Becoming Japanese

What does it mean to become Japanese? Can a foreigner or ‘gaijin’ ever fully integrate into Japanese society such that they blend in and are treated ‘normally’? A recent video foray into this tricky topic.
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NihongoUp contest results

Here are the winners to the review and contest I held recently. Philip has supplied me with two copies of his nifty little flash game that helps you learn Japanese to give away, so without further ado, let me announce the lucky people to win!
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Bring the Ocean into your Bedroom

If you’re as smitten with the ocean as me, you might appreciate this little projector unit I discovered for this week’s Interesting Item (Omoshiro Zakka). It brings the soothing comfort of the deep blue to your bedroom, bathroom or wherever you choose to put it.
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The Red Demon Samurai – Ii Naomasa

Ii Naomasa is known as the Red Demon. A historic figure and one of the Four Guardians of the Tokugawa in Japanese history. He is best known for his fearsome blood-red samurai armour and nasty habit of killing people over mistakes. That’s the guy I’m set to become in this year’s Spring parade.
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Slick Samurai Sword Chopsticks

It was only last week that I introduced Kotobukiya’s Power of the Force special Star Wars-themed chopsticks. Now they’ve gone and made chopsticks to make your feudal side salivate. Yes, you can become a Samurai at dinner time!
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