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Horrific My Neighbour Totoro

I came across an inspired Japanese horror video recently which included a rather unsettling interpretation of the Ghibli classic film ‘My Neighbour Totoro’. Going in search of the image lead me to the talented author on Deviantart. So today, a bit of dark-hearted nastiness sprinkled with macabre. Enjoy.
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Top Japan-related people to follow Twitter list

Alrighty folks and folkesses! You might have been wondering what all this fuss is about with the launch of Twitter lists. What? You haven’t?? Why then you m’boy have been sleeping under a rock! Here’s the top Japan and Japanese-related people to follow on Twitter in a one handy list!
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Okay guys and gals. Version 5 of is now live! I would really appreciate your thoughts and feedback on the design and functionality. Let me know about bugs and suggested improvements ^^.
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Red Bean Pepsi

Okay, video time! The new flavour of Pepsi was launched in Japan yesterday. An ambitious Azuki (red-bean) flavour! I called into my local 100 yen Lawsons to pick one up and give it a whirl. My thoughts below ^^.
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Super Mario Cakes and Treats

Here’s a selection of some deliciously awesome Japanese Super Mario cakes I found on Flickr. The creator is quite the artist, sculpting Mario, Luigi and the Mushroom Kingdom out of fondant and chocolate. Brings back fond memories of the Mario cake I had as a child…
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The Yaki-Imo Man of Japan

At first a faint wail carried by a distant wind, slowly growing louder and louder into a caterwauling song. As the leaves turn yellow and red and the temperature drops, Japan’s 100 year-old Ishi Yaki-Imo Man comes out to play. Video below.
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Anglerfish Ovary & Microscopic Photography

Ever seen what the ovary of that bioluminescent deep sea monstrosity the anglerfish looks like? How about the mouth of a sea urchin, oral surface of a starfish or a freshwater dinoflagellate? Dig into this collection of microscopic photographs that show just how much we’re really not seeing in our lives.
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Gakuranman Giveaway Winners!

Alrighty good people. You’ve been kept waiting enough! Here are the winners are the Gakuranman Giveaway contest that I posted a few weeks ago! There were two prizes up for grabs – an Edufire Superpass and a bundle of awesome Japanese sweets!
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