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Gakuranman Fan Art

I’m the proud owner of some wonderful fan art! Dave from The Ramen Blues (also the artist behind my Gakuranman image) has kindly drawn me this fantastic piece!
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Japanese Newspaper Headlines

Have you ever wondered how to read the headlines in Japanese newspapers? They’re so chock-a-block full of kanji that it seems like an insurmountable wall to scale. And that’s not to mention the split sentences. What do all those mysterious sentences that end on a particle mean?! I take you through some examples.
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Wason Card Puzzle Solution

Alrighty then! Time for the solution to that tricky little logic puzzle, the Wason Card Problem. I was impressed! I have many smart readers out there! (SPOILER)
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Wason Card Puzzle

Ho ho! Today I have a fun little philosophical puzzle for you that you can impress your friends with (after getting it right yourself!) It’s called the Wason card problem, and only a reputed 5% of university-educated adults get it right!
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Japansoc Poken Contest

Oh yes old chap. I’ve only gone and entered myself into the devilishly hot Japansoc Poken Contest, haven’t I? I was feeling a little tired of typing, so I threw together a rather fine montage for you on Youtube!
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Warship Island

Just spotted this haikyo news article in the Japan Times. Apparently a 35-year landing ban has been lifted on Hashima Island, better known as ‘Gunkanjima’ or ‘Warship Island’. The 480×160 metre long island was abandoned in 1974 after its coal mine collapsed.
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Hey all. Just to let you know that my website has moved to the domain:
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Learn Kansai-ben

A recent interview saw me exploring some of the wonders of Kansai-ben with a native speaker. If you’re like me, you might have an interest in this wacky dialect from Southern Japan, so come and learn a few phrases with us!
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