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Wason Card Puzzle

Ho ho! Today I have a fun little philosophical puzzle for you that you can impress your friends with (after getting it right yourself!) It’s called the Wason card problem, and only a reputed 5% of university-educated adults get it right!
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Japansoc Poken Contest

Oh yes old chap. I’ve only gone and entered myself into the devilishly hot Japansoc Poken Contest, haven’t I? I was feeling a little tired of typing, so I threw together a rather fine montage for you on Youtube!
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Warship Island

Just spotted this haikyo news article in the Japan Times. Apparently a 35-year landing ban has been lifted on Hashima Island, better known as ‘Gunkanjima’ or ‘Warship Island’. The 480×160 metre long island was abandoned in 1974 after its coal mine collapsed.
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Hey all. Just to let you know that my website has moved to the domain:
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Learn Kansai-ben

A recent interview saw me exploring some of the wonders of Kansai-ben with a native speaker. If you’re like me, you might have an interest in this wacky dialect from Southern Japan, so come and learn a few phrases with us!
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Fine Orient relaunch

Fine Orient is an e-commerce site primarily focused around Japanese goods, particularly women’s kimono, but also has a large range of oriental goods, such as Chinese calligraphy, handbags and purses, japanese gifts and even some luxurious oriental-themed women’s nightwear, pyjamas and pyjama sets!
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Work-Life Balance in Japan

I’ve been pondering over this issue so much recently that I feel compelled to write an introspective post. So here are the naive reflections of a young 20-something adult. The topic? Overtime in Japan. With my impending graduation and the possibility of work in Japan, it’s time I faced this troubling problem head-on.
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Japansoc Blogger Conference 2

Yesterday at 1am I was up and donning my black gakuran to attend the second J-blogger conference. Wonky Tofugu’s Koichi hosted the conference on the popular live video learning platform Edufire. The focus was on the fantastic group of people that blog about all things Japanese.
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