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Fine Orient relaunch

Fine Orient is an e-commerce site primarily focused around Japanese goods, particularly women’s kimono, but also has a large range of oriental goods, such as Chinese calligraphy, handbags and purses, japanese gifts and even some luxurious oriental-themed women’s nightwear, pyjamas and pyjama sets!
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Work-Life Balance in Japan

I’ve been pondering over this issue so much recently that I feel compelled to write an introspective post. So here are the naive reflections of a young 20-something adult. The topic? Overtime in Japan. With my impending graduation and the possibility of work in Japan, it’s time I faced this troubling problem head-on.
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Japansoc Blogger Conference 2

Yesterday at 1am I was up and donning my black gakuran to attend the second J-blogger conference. Wonky Tofugu’s Koichi hosted the conference on the popular live video learning platform Edufire. The focus was on the fantastic group of people that blog about all things Japanese.
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JLPT1 2008 Results

Finally! They’re here! MY JLPT level 1 results! (Actually, they were a week ago, but Love Dolls took the limelight). Three months of trepidation. Of nervously waiting by the letterbox and checking every JLPT website for some semblance of news. I kid, right..? And they arrived, in an unceremoniously bent envelope last Friday…
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Love Doll Rental in Japan

Recently I guest-blogged for Loneleeplanet, discussing the controversial matter of ‘Love Dolls’, or ‘Sex Dolls’, and challenging the social taboo surrounding them. As an appendix to that, here I will look at the practice of renting love dolls, usually by the hour! Is there a market for soft silicone against the flesh?
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Why say Moshi Moshi twice?

Moshi-whatnow? “Moshi Moshi” da yo! This is the expression Japanese people use when answering the phone. But why on earth say it twice? Isn’t once enough for you?? Today I explain the reason for that giving oft-uttered phrase in a double dose. Moshi-Moshi, are you listening?
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Lucky Japanese Girls

Ever wondered why some girls can stop a guy at 10 paces and others make him run for cover? Do you know how to tell a gold-digger from your perfect wife? Join me in on another trip into the bizarre world of Japanese television and discover ‘Ageman’ – girls who bring good fortune!
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Refusing people in Japanese

I’m disinclined to acquiesce your request, dear Sir.” We all have times when we need to politely refuse requests. But how to turn someone down without upsetting the balance or damaging the trust in the relationship? Here are some useful expressions to help you turn someone down, Japanese style.
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