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Battle Royale Collar

It’s Autumn and yesterday we had the Japanese Society-East Asian Society annual Halloween party. I opted for a last-minute Battle Royale tribute since I already own a Gakuran! Here’s how I made the collar.
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Knowing Nothing v2

I don’t quite know what hit me, but I was suddenly overwhlemed with the urge to re-design my website a couple of days ago. I’ve been busy with Photoshop and enduring headaches over niggling coding issues, but finally it’s done. It’s just as well too, as I haven’t the time to be making websites, what […]
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Adventures on Yakushima

Finally, at long last! I made it to the green island of Yakushima, tucked snugly away below Kyushu in the South of Japan. It’s a chunk of land covered mostly in sugi (cedar) trees, and awesomely huge ones at that, with sage-old weathered limbs gnarled and warped bearing thickets of leaves, all the way up […]
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Watermarking images

Protecting images (or at least attempting to). That’s been my most recent mission in dabblings with digital media. I umm-ed and ahh-ed about doing it for a while, but decided to go ahead with it as I seem to be using more and more of my own photography and images lately. Hopefully I’ve done it […]
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Panty Vending Machines

Underwear! In vending machines! I’d heard the stories for years, at how select dodgy locations in Akihabara and other districts are home to the peculiarity of vending machines that dispense underwear. Particularly infamous are the tales of the machines that dispense *used* underwear…
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CD Rental in Japan

Most people probably know and accept that copying rented media is illegal in the same way downloading music and films is. So it seems highly laudable that stores would start *renting* media. But in Japan, that’s just the case…
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Absence – in Japan

I should probably just explain my prolonged absence recently – I’ve been back in Japan! I’m here until early September and have been going to all manner of places, including up to Akita International University (AIU) and hitch-hiking back down to Kumamoto where I’m staying with a host family.
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Ricoh GX100

So I finally succumbed and bought a new camera in preparation for my next adventure in Japan. I very had nearly forsaken my photographic preferences for a Point and Shoot camera, but luckily at the last minute I found the wonder of the Ricoh GX100.
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