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Half Cat, Half Hoax?

Today a Kickstarter email landed in my inbox entitled ‘Projects We Love: Stranger than Fiction’. As an enthusiast for the obscure, I eagerly clicked the link and was greeted with a book proposition concerning the topic of so-called ‘half cats’. Quite literally, half cats are real cats that are missing the rear half of their […]
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Don’t Compare Your Inside to Someone Else’s Outside

There’s nothing new here that hasn’t been said before. But, sometimes, it serves us well to be reminded of adages which embiggen and embolden us. While perhaps not the most eloquent way of putting it, the phrase ‘Don’t Compare Your Inside to Someone Else’s Outside’ caught my attention browsing one Hacker News comment thread recently. […]
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Armchair Exploration: The Haikyo Story That Inspired ‘Gone Home’

Around this time last year, a rather interesting article crossed my radar. It hadn’t been long since I’d moved to Tokyo to start a new job, and my internet scavenging was at an all time low. Thankfully however, I somehow came across the post on Kotaku talking about a curious computer game still in development […]
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Pink Secrets of the Red Villa

I usually know a good location when I see one. The Red Villa, as the nickname goes, looked like a place with a story. Mentioned on very few websites, save for one or two about modern history and architecture, this western-style family home oozed exploration appeal. Surrounded by a thick, Japanese bamboo grove and well […]
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Dealing with Saudade

This time watching the recent novel-turned-film ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ brought it on. That same feeling of wistful longing for friends and places long since turned into memories. Mostly of schooldays and my university era. The things that could have been that weren’t, and the things that were but I long to experience […]
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Gakuranman Body Pillow – Available Now!

Between writing about haikyo, Japan and bioluminescence, I often just don’t have the time to really address my readers personally. I’m sorry for neglecting you all! Thankfully, your worries are now over. Enter the Gakuran-MANLY-man huggable, loveable body pillow! Perfect for lonely girls (and guys) alike!
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I Took the Road Less Traveled By

Since my earlier post, I’ve been sitting on a bundle of comments in a rather surprising response to my naked outpouring of worry and doubt. I keep meaning to get to them and reply, but I’ve been rather drained from work lately. It’s been rather hectic at the office as we gear up for some […]
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Oh Dear! I Shall Be Too Late!

Over the past few months (or perhaps years), I’ve increasingly become aware of my tendency to become fixated on people in other professions. Very often when watching videos (TED talks are great examples), reading books (lately entrepreneurial titles), meeting friends (recently the Tofugu team) and hanging out at networking events (Business in Japan, First Step […]
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