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Cogito Ergo Sum

You’ve probably heard of it, Descartes’ well-known statement. ‘Cogito Ergo Sum’ – ‘I think, therefore I am’. But have you ever thought about what it really means? Why make such a stark assertion of simply ‘being’? Surely I know myself just as surely as I do an apple? And why can I not assert myself […]
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About Me & Contacting

Just a brief update about the site. I finally added content to the ‘About‘ page (should I have any readers who don’t actually know me – if so, post a comment and say hello!) and also added a Contact form if anyone wants to get in touch. I’m pretty busy with Philosophy essays and work […]
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There She Is!!!

Cats and Rabbits holding a forbidden love? That’s the general theme of this popular flash animation from the Korean site The cute anime-style cartoon is rather charming to watch, and best off all manages to communicate its message without any dialogue!
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Known as ‘the Angels of the Sea’, these squishy little creatures captured my imagination while travelling around Hokkaido in Japan. Out in Hokkaido they have taken on minor celebrity status with items such as the ubiquitous Hello Kitty line of key chains Japanising this small shell-less snail into a cute fashion accessory.
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Brown Penny

“Ah, penny, brown penny, brown penny. I am looped in the loops of her hair.” I first heard this poem watching the film ‘Must Love Dogs’ in a hotel in Asahikawa, a city in the Northern part of Japan on the island of Hokkaido. It was a recitation by Christopher Plummer, who did it so […]
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Knowing Nothing relaunched!

Finally after two years, several false starts and a blank homepage, I’ve dug myself out the time to properly customise and set up WordPress on my web space. I used WPDesigner’s (aka Small Potato) ‘Peaceful Rush’ theme and then threw myself into the thick of it, tweaking the code and redesigning the entire layout. A […]
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Trying Fugu

河豚 – River pig! Beloved blowfish. Admired for it’s quirkiness and puffiness. Forgive me for masticating on you. Absolve me from my consumption. But I did not taste the dreaded moudoku ( 猛毒), nor the dangerous kyoudoku (強毒) or the risky jyakudoku (弱毒), and quite thankfully, for they are poisons…
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At the University of Leeds!

We arrived on Sunday in a true embarrassing style. Everybody else packed into normal cars and us with a hire van twice as long as a parking slot, which repeatedly blocked other parents in dropping their dearest off o.O;. Unloaded all the boxes into my new lodgings and quickly bought a couple of tickets for […]
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