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Update, update. I’ve been talking *a lot* today. I went in to my old secondary school to give a short speech to the current GCSE Japanese class. Apparently I was supposed to induce enthusiasm or something, from my gallivanting around rural Japan and sampling the refined culture. Though they were more impressed by my fortitude […]
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Random quiz

I will give a proper update soon, but it’s 5.05am and I’ve still not got back into a good sleeping pattern. I’ve been up configuring my internet firewall, getting rid of spyware and viruses and generally catching up on my missed geekiness with all things computers. Here’s a test for added measure. *Yawn*. `Night. (-_-)
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Surfing on the gentle hum of air

My computer is in a state of stability! (he says, praying not to jinx it…) All that remains for me to is modify the graphics card cooler with a quieter one and I shouldn’t hear anything from my box at all. Then just more software installations, although the drivers are bound to throw up some […]
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Return and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I came back safely last Thursday but didn’t get home until early evening. I haven’t been up to much really; doctor’s appointments, eye examinations (I’m considering contacts for certain occasions such as sports) and catching up with my family. We’ve been out to a couple of meals and went to see CatCF tonight. Sorry for […]
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In Tokyo

I made it back from Shodoshima, my feet cursing me, however, and my shoulder muscles having painful twinges from bearing a rucksack all week. That’s aside from all the mosquito bites and fatigue. I completed it though, all 88 temples in the circuit and an extra 8 not necessary, but along the route.
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To Shodoshima

Things have been been pretty busy these last two weeks, not that I’m complaining about it, as it’s mainly down to farewell dinners ^^. I’ve been trying to tie up some loose ends and prepare as much as I can for the upcoming pilgrimage on Shodo island (小豆島).
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大山 – Literally: ‘big mountain’. It was the Sunday following the Jack Johnson concert that Kyunai Ayaka-san’s enthusiasm for hiking took us up to the summit of Mt. Daisen (height 1729m) – an extinct volcano located in Tottori Prefecture.
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Jack Johnson and Shodoshima

It’s odd that I’ve forgotten to include the topic in my posts, but Sunday saw me heading out to the Zepp Hall in Osaka to see Jack Johnson, live. Kyunai Ayaka-san brought a CD of his along to play during exercise care way back in January and I was caught by the intriguing lyrics and […]
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