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Winter Sonata

I’ve been forgetting to add this to the last few entires, but Heather mentioned it in an email just recently and I thought I`d say something. We`ve been going to Maeda-san`s house often since we arrived in Japan and she told us the previous GAP volunteers at the Cheshire Homes, Nicki and Anna, loved a […]
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Christmas happenings

Re-capping on the last month or so`s events, there`s been a fair bit I haven`t mentioned. In early December we visited Himeji again, with our Japanese sensei Maeda-san, for some Christmas shopping.
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I haven`t really got much time to go into detail about everything that`s happened since I last updated, and I haven`t been feeling particularly great anyway lately. Check Dave`s or Heather`s journal for notes about the Christmas Party with Pauline Hook last Sunday. Hopefully there`ll be a more positive update after Christmas.
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Three months!

That`s right, I`ve reached the approximate halfway mark of my stay already. Can you believe it? It`s actually more if you count the number of working days and don`t include my allocated holiday at the end o.O;
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My address again

I`ve changed a minor mistake in the postcode – your mail has been getting here, but I thought it wise, the postcode is 671 4243 (NOT 671 4234). Here`s what you should write if you want to send me mail – the real kind (please do! – that includes you people I have emailed and […]
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Gion Odori and Shiso Home

Considering the large part of my posts have been about the trips out, I figured I`d spend most of this one talking about the actual placement. Just a quick note first about our trip to Kyoto last weekend to see the Geisha (Geiko/Maiko) dancing at the Gion Odori. I bought several grammar books in an […]
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Matsuri, typhoon, Kyoto, Kobe and studying

Wow. A lot has happened since I posted my last entry, so I`m currently sitting here, diary in lap, under a beautifully warm kotasu (a Japanese table with heating element and cloth attached to it) with Bokusho Inoe and Jess at Tea Ceremony. Must try to type fast then, so here it goes.
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Himeji and the screaming deer

Not necessarily related at all, but I thought it`d make for an interesting title! This weekend saw the 4 rural GAP volunteers spend the 2 nights at Maeda-sensei`s house. On Saturday, we had yakisoba (chinese soba noodles and vegetables) and made an apple crumble from the Be-Ro cookbook mum sent (thanks again!).
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