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Sunday July 11th

Sunday July 11th Tokyo Tower & Edo-Tokyo Museum Today was the trip to the Edo-Tokyo museum, which was interesting, and then onto Tokyo Tower. The Edo-Tokyo building was quite impressive, with a large open floor space outside and a *huge* red space-style elevator going up into the main area.
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Saturday July 10th

Saturday July 10th Nijo Palace It was raining heavily as I awoke this morning, with some flashes of lightning and thunder. Thankfully, it died down about an hour later, which meant we didn’t have to walk to the bus stop in it. Miss Kushida had graciously hired a car to take our stuff to the […]
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Friday July 9th

Friday July 9th Himeji Castle and Hiroshima We left really early today to take the Shinkansen to Himeji Castle. Heather and I translated a bit of Winnie-the-Pooh on the way there and I think it was today that my odd mind spawned the infamous monkey thumb, inspired after seeing Heather’s gorilla key ring. Coupled with […]
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Thursday July 8th

Thursday July 8th Sightseeing The good night’s sleep really gave me a more positive and enthusiastic attitude for today. We all got up quite early and went down to the main room to eat breakfast, which was quite an experience. Each of us had our own individual low table and cushion to sit on and […]
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Wednesday July 7th

Wednesday July 7th Kyoto Tower We caught a train to Kyoto and then trundled along with our masses of luggage to the traditional ryokan we’d be staying in, the Tatsuno-Ryokan.
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Tuesday July 6th

GCSE Japan Diary 2004 Tuesday July 6th Flight I arrived at school early (rushing, after turning the alarm off and oversleeping!) and ended up on the Ghibli minibus. The group had been split into two – Bandai and Ghibli – depending on which museum we would be going to later in the trip. The journey […]
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Japan Diary! (Abridged)

Yes, it’s finally here. After over a month of faffing around with one thing or another, it’s here for your reading pleasure. Please enjoy the (lengthly) entries of my diary over those 11 great days ^_^. I’ve posted these entries in reverse order so you can view them in the correct order… If my theory […]
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Chris visits!

So so so… I’ve booked the gap year flight and submitted forms to open a new bank account with Nationwide today, that I can access all over the world. It’s a visa debit card but this is of course assuming I can understand a Japanese ATM machine or there’s an English option ^^;. My old […]
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