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Japan beckons!

Alrighty. I’m off to Japan tomorrow for 10 days and it’s very likely I would update or check email at all, unless I get a lucky chance to use an Internet cafe. So goodbye and have fun to all for the next week and a half. I’ll be off to bed soon when I’ve finished […]
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Room 101

Last night was good fun. I met Simon at Rainham station and we joined up with Jenni, Dave, Lianne and Chris on the train, and later Rob and Wai-sun in London. We had dinner at Zipangu first – all crowded into the small cavern area on the lower floor – which was great food and […]
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GAP interview

I had my GAP interview in Reading today. They phoned me up at short notice to say they had a vacancy and since I’d spoken to them about not being able to attend one over the next few weeks, I got offered the chance, so it was kinda lucky in that respect. I found the […]
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What in the hell??

I’ve just come back from having dinner to find my msn contact list butchered! Half of my contacts, including most of them from school, have been deleted and a couple of dodgy ones have added themselves… The worst thing is, the last time I made a backup was ages ago, so I’ve got to recall […]
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*Phew* I cycled to Riverside Country Park today, which took about 25 minutes, but was painful for me due to my complete lack of exercise over the past 6-12 months. Hopefully I’ll start doing at least 3 half hour sessions a week from now on to get fitter, and maybe start Badminton again. It was […]
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Brief tadpole update

Rough tadpole count: 14 Froglet count 0 Froglets released 1 Development: The other tadpoles have begun to get fatter and a little more froglike in their ‘head’ shapes. The little froglet that was in the tank took an unfortunate turn for the worse I’m sorry to say. I came home a few days ago to […]
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Gap year form

Damn. Damn. Damn. I can’t believe I didn’t realise this. The reason my application hasn’t been processed yet is because I haven’t got my reference sent off to accompany it >.<. I was under the impression they’d ask for it at the interview or something, so i’ve just emailed Mr. Broomfield the stuff now, although […]
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Had my R.S synoptic paper today, which went quite well I think. I just have General Studies tomorrow and then the dark Mechanics 2 paper on Friday. I think it may be all over for my maths if this paper goes badly like the other two did, which may even mean I wouldn’t have got […]
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