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RHCP and Colindale

I really should get a move on and update this, because I have to revise P2 for my exam tomorrow morning… So yesterday I managed to get the time off work in the morning to make an early start in London. Dave and I decided to head back up to Oriental City in Colindale for […]
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R.S. & Odd meme

I had 2 of my 3 R.S. papers yesterday, which Lee and I had to do a full day’s cramming session on Tuesday for. I’ve never done anything like that before… Even the standard night-beforehand scenario was pitifully easy compared to trying to assimilate so much information in so little a space of time. The […]
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The prom on Friday was excellent, although there’s not much enthusiasm in that statement right now. I’ve felt really awful for the past two days, which is probably due to me thinking and analysing things too much. I don’t think it’s the exams this time… D&T theory was hit and miss today. Apart from completely […]
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4 exams

I had 4 exams today. 2 Design & Technology papers, Pure maths 3 and Japanese writing. I’m glad this day is out the way now. D&T went fairly well, and Japanese writing could have been much worse. Pure maths 3, I’m sorry to say, went rather appallingly; I answered only 1 question completely. The rest […]
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Tadpole safari

Rough tadpole count: 19 Development: I only counted about 19 tadpoles today, so either I miscounted originally or there are some hiding in the weed XD. I’m not too worried as long as the number remains pretty high. No real change in growth, but they are excreting everywhere, to be ever so polite – so […]
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I’ve done a little more maths revision lately; having gone around Heather’s to pick up the tadpoles and staying to revise. We had a barbecue in the evening afterwards and went night fishing to get the tadpoles in a special tadpole-sized fishing net ^_^. We saw 3 newts and then 2 frogs huddled together in […]
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How the rain falls…

You’re Most Like The Season Winter …You’re often depicted as the cold, distant season. But you’re incredibly intelligent, mature and Independant. You have an air of power around you – and that can sometimes scare people off. You’re complex, and get hurt easily – so you rarely let people in if you can help it. […]
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Hayfever… Oh joy.

My hay fever has really kicked in these past two days. Yesterday I helped out a little bit with cleaning out the pond in the back garden, although my dad and sister did most of the work (*feels a little guilty*). I’ve done a little revision this weekend, but nothing substantial, so I’m going to […]
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