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Parents evening & Sensei

Well, things have been marginally better since my last (locked) entry. I have a damn awful cold that sucked away whatever energy was left in me at the start of the week, but fortunately it’s now residing. This evening we had year 13 parents evening, where I received mixed feedback from the teachers. Mrs. Williamson […]
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Chisai sakana!

Whoo! Sensei gave us some little snack bags of Japanese nuts and such. There were also some tiny salty fish inside that were put to good use scaring Lianne :P. I haven’t much else to say today, other than that I just put many random comments in Heather’s latest post including a rather worrying volley […]
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Reading, rainbows and status anxiety

So today I ventured back up to Reading University with my dad. I made him listen to the Franz Ferdinand album on the way there, which he says sounded quite good. Having quite an effect, this band… Let us hope it isn’t a short-lived hype-high. Anyway, Reading University looked just as beautiful a second time […]
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The Square Knot

Hmmm. *Clears throat*. This is one of the more casual knots, aimed more towards use if the home. It can be used to ordain bathrobe cords, or even long scarves, and it is at its best when the four-panelled knot can neatly fill the V-shape in an open blouse or shirt. Some Americans even refer […]
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琥珀 – Kohaku!

Yes, and that means ‘Amber’ in Japanese which, aside from being my favourite stone, was one of the main characters in the ‘Wish’ manga I’ve just read (rather cheekily, according to Simon, because it is the present Lianne requested for her birthday; though don’t remind her, as she may have forgotten now…) ^_^. It’s a […]
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*Phew*. I’m back, not particularly exhausted, but I am feeling the stress of the amount of things that appear to be cropping up now. This weekend was basically ‘Millennium Volunteers’ hours where we did leadership training for bronze level participants of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. I now feel the need to list everything I […]
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Blitz Downloading

More blitz-downloading today. I managed to start working about 8.30, but I fizzled out by 1.00pm. I’ve had enough D&T this week now… I woke up this morning with a ferociously painful neck and it has been bugging me all today. I hope it wears off by tomorrow… I don’t fancy that short hike with […]
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Drowning in paper to Japanese lyrics…

I’ve been continuing with my design & technology folder today, as I was yesterday. I’ve made some progress, which is good. I reckon by tomorrow evening, before I leave for the MYP residential, I’ll have the development section mostly complete, save for a few minor details and neatening up still to do. Hopefully I can […]
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