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Nikkei Trendy’s Top Trends of 2011 and Predictions for 2012

Nikkei Trendy is a popular trends magazine I’ve been roughly following since arriving here in Japan. I first discovered it while researching for essays at university for the marketing module I took and was impressed with its pleasantly laid-out design and ease of readability.
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At the Eleventh Hour…

So today is the 11th November, 2011. And this post goes live at 11:11am, at precisely 11 seconds, I guess. A curious date, if nothing else. I read many couples are scrambling to submit their marriage proposals, and of course, we have the usual cries of doom from soothsayers. I was thinking of making some […]
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A Beautiful Kobushime-chan

Back last year, I visited Ishigakijima, an island south of mainland Okinawa. It was my first time visiting the Ryukyu Islands, and my first real dive since getting my licence back in the U.K. There, in the warm, tropical waters, I was to meet one of nature’s most fascinating and deeply curious creatures. The cuttlefish, […]
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The Jimonjitou Days

I awoke this morning with a head full of dreams. Reflections of the past, placed haphazardly in imagined settings. The face of a childhood crush. A world that perhaps could have been, but wasn’t. Or should that be isn’t?
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Deserted Dolphin Island Ruins in Okinawa

Far across the seas in southern Japan lie the Ryukyu Islands, a subtropical archipelago that offers an experience quite unlike that you’ll find on mainland Japan. My recent travels took me there, to Okinawa, touring and diving around a few of the beautiful beaches and into the gorgeous, warm blue seas. But a holiday wouldn’t […]
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Radiation Scare in Setagaya

The way the media reports on radiation these days, you might be forgiven for thinking the whole of Japan has fallen foul to life-threatening amounts of toxic materials. The most recent scare was a high reading taken in the Setagaya district of Tokyo, prompting more discussion on radiation hotspots and fallout from the Fukushima disaster […]
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A fresh start with the journal

From the journal of Michael Gakuran… When I originally started my own website, after years of Livejournal abuse, I wanted to steer clear of the status-quo. Blogs were becoming popular, but I remember distinctly disliking the term ‘weblog’ and the type of writing that went with it.
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The Heavens Open on Hashima

The sea lashed out angrily at the boat and waves threatened to throw me overboard, but my mind was instantly quieted by the painting unfolding before me. What a sight to behold! The sky imagining a world of its own, breathing new life into the desolate rock of Hashima.
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