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The prom on Friday was excellent, although there’s not much enthusiasm in that statement right now. I’ve felt really awful for the past two days, which is probably due to me thinking and analysing things too much. I don’t think it’s the exams this time…

D&T theory was hit and miss today. Apart from completely failing one question by miss reading it as I found out afterwards, I was able to give a satisfactory attempt for everything else. I just hope it was enough. Lots of R.S to get through now, in time for Wednesday’s lesson, and then General Studies on Thursday.

Rough tadpole count: 16
Development: A few are bigger now and I’ve seen a few with their back legs starting to develop.
Other observations: I was worried yesterday because they seemed really lethargic and one seemed to have trouble swimming. I removed the rotting lily leaf from the tank in case it was using up too much of the oxygen in the water. They seem a little better today, but I not sure it has anything to do with taking the leaf out.

I also have 3 or 4 small pond skaters on the surface of the water now, which surprised me. It really is like a miniature pond now, with what I think are small fish, water fleas, water worms (or mosquito larvae), tadpoles and dragonfly nymphs. (I looked up the shrimp-like creatures and it tells me they are dragonfly nymphs that use the 3 feather-like prongs on their tail to breathe through; evidently they are the gills). They’ll always be Jacques to me though…

I seem to have an affinity for this song by Steve Harley when I’m feeling sad…

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