Brief tadpole update

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Rough tadpole count: 14
Froglet count 0
Froglets released 1
Development: The other tadpoles have begun to get fatter and a little more froglike in their ‘head’ shapes. The little froglet that was in the tank took an unfortunate turn for the worse I’m sorry to say. I came home a few days ago to find him halfway up the tank wall with a pond skater attached to his leg. It was all red and limply (the leg, not the pond skater) but I’m not sure what caused it – couldn’t have been the pond skater, could it? In any case, the poor little thing couldn’t hop properly and keep landing on his back. I did read up a bit more and it turns out they hunt small insects – of which I don’t think there are many in the tank, so I thought the best thing to do would be to release him in the flower bed next to the pond and give him a chance. I’m regretful to say that I don’t think he’ll make it though :(. He was really premature and with an injured leg, it didn’t look hopeful. I hope the others will be stronger… and I know to release them straightaway now (if I’m not in Japan at the time o.O). Parents will have to watch the tank methinks…
Other observations: Another damselfly climbing the side of the tank. I tried to release him in the pond, but I lost him somewhere on the way down the stairs to it o.O; He must be flying around the house somewhere now :\. The fish are bigger, and I think there is only one Jacques left, so we’ll call him Jacques Junior for the time being, until he metamorphs like the rest…

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