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Update, update.

I’ve been talking *a lot* today. I went in to my old secondary school to give a short speech to the current GCSE Japanese class. Apparently I was supposed to induce enthusiasm or something, from my gallivanting around rural Japan and sampling the refined culture. Though they were more impressed by my fortitude in the face of obaasan (Japanese grannies) getting ‘touchy-feely’ after a few cups of sake o.O; I was able to rush around and catch up with my old teachers before the class, so I ended up talking about my experiences throughout the year several times, 3.00pm through to 6.00. My Dad and I called into Halfords after dropping Yuki-sensei home to get some equipment for my bicycle (I intend to ride a lot in Leeds.) I expect my younger sister will be driving long before me ^^; – I don’t intend on learning to drive or buying a car until after University, unless it becomes imperative…

I hope to post soon about the topic of romantic love and arranged marriages. I’ll have to skip on it tonight both because it’s too late and that I’ve just had a talk with my parents and how they plan to help me fund University (which should have been a good thing!) Yet I managed to steer the conversation into the horrible realms how our viperous government is continually sucking at every possible source of income. Sodding inheritance tax, even! I can’t even recieve things without having to pay tax over a threshold. It’s the whole reason I hate money and the thought of getting older. Responsibility is forced onto you to contend with all the damn taxes and paperwork to give the government a chunk of your income and then to top it all it makes you complain like you’re already old enough to remember when it didn’t happen. Nope. Not going to get involved. This is the stuff that kills you.

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