Chris’s sleepover

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Dave picked me up from school after finished the second day of Summer School. We made sushi and did some calligraphy as well, which I really enjoyed – it helped reinforce my kanji knowledge and was somewhat calming and satisfying to do. Shortly afterwards, we went to the Tiger Moth pub and then onwards to peruse Toys-R-Us o.O;. It’s changed quite a lot since I last went there, and it’s strange to see all the new generations of toys. Power Rangers must be on their fourth or fifth by now… :\. Play-Doh was still there, which I used to love as a kid, although they’ve miniaturised and merchandised the tubs now, so they’re all Shrek themed or whatever else. Wai-sun bought a game she’d played online in the toy version: ‘Rushour’, which I played for a while later at Chris’s house. We looked in Pets At Home afterwards, where they had a strange mousey-looking rat, a lonely lovebird in a cage of three and many interesting fishes ^_^. Lianne and I browsed the aquatic section pointing out all the unusual specimens (such as the fish resembling Hocking-san :P), before leaving because the store was closing. We ran back to Chris’s house to beat the other group going by car – and won, although much to Lianne’s displeasure at me making her run so much ;).

Later on that evening, we went out for an 11.00pm late shop at Asda, building on Wai-sun’s suggestion of ‘random shopping’. Basically, the idea was to divide into two groups and go and pick out the most random and unusual items there. Our group (myself, Chris, Wai-sun and Jenni) ended up with this menagerie of items:

Poppycock (popcorn and cashew nuts fused together)
Dot Breaks (mini salami)
A grenadillo (random fruit)
Polenta (Italian bread that can be baked, fried, micro waved, used in desserts – etc)
A mini pie in a tin
Tinned Papaya
Dandelion and Burdock carbonated drink (lovely stuff)
Finding Nemo party plates
Blueberry and Lemon Chaos (cool name, nice dessert)
Rowntrees fruit jellies.
Chocolate ice cream sauce
Sweets for the ice cream (including Rainbow Drops)

The other group (Dave, Lianne and Joe) bought:

Chili beef sandwich spread
Cockles (yuck)
Rusks (great baby food biscuits)
Turkish Delight hot chocolate mix
Baby Pacifiers
A toothbrush
Mint Choc Chip, Raspberry Ripple and Neapolitan ice cream

We spent a lot of time trying all the different foods (and had ice cream the following day :p). The grenadillo had a sort of shell on the outside and some yello goo inside mixed with seeds, but was surprisingly tasty :P. The rusks were just wonderful, a sweet biscuit, as was the Poppycock, Papaya and Polenta. We fried some of the said Polenta and baked some. It’s a salty sort of bread, but seems to go well with many, many dishes. We’ve yet to try it with ice cream and syrup as it recommends though ^_^;. We all watched some flash cartoons and then for the rest of the evening, Wai-sun, myself and Dave browsed *Sinfest*, which was hilarious as we kept reading parts of the comic aloud in various accents, each taking a different role as one of the characters in a strip ^_^. This went on for a good hour or so, at about 2.00am. Wai-sun also showed us ‘mad libs’, which are where you input words into a form and a script puts them into a story for you. The first one we did, involving ski slopes, a walrus in an eggcup and a hobo, was ingenious :P. I think Chris is going to post it on Kyousha-ken *pokepoke*.

We all fell down for sleep at about 4.30am (so everyone was exhausted the next day). For breakfast, scrambled eggs, bacon and a doughnut. We watched some of Excel Saga, which is an insane anime. I popped off to the dentist, and returned to have ice cream (with *all* the toppings – bwahahah! :P) and surfed the net with people some more. We poked fun at the *Engrish* and watched some very eerie and oddly disturbing flash cartoon called Salad Fingers, which you can see *here* if you want. Wai-sun surfed around for pictures of an Indian actress called Aishwarya Rai for most of the rest of the time, who looks interesting, while some of us watched Futurama. Chris and Jenni hung around outside a little, after Chris’s attempts to get the rabbit out the hutch ^^; and Lianne did more of her Tsunami puzzles. She must be growing them as an extra limb I think, as she’s always doing them everytime I see her nowadays :P. I left after my dad picked me up, leaving Rob, Dave and Chris to have a guitar jamming session later in the evening. Excellent stuff, despite the tiredness ^_^.

(This entry was backdated a little).

2 comments on “Chris’s sleepover
  1. invisible_kid_ says:

    Salad Fingers was in the middle of the night, just before we went to bed btw :P. I remember lounging on the sofa half asleep thinking “WTF?!?”

  2. invisible_kid_ says:

    Salad Fingers was in the middle of the night, just before we went to bed btw :P. I remember lounging on the sofa half asleep thinking “WTF?!?”

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