D:\ Is corrupt and unreadable…

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Oh for the love of…

*bangs head on desk*


*three times…*

I’ve had a wonderful day in London, which I was looking forward to writing about before I came home, switched on my computer to find…no sound. ‘Odd. It must be the speakers or the sound card…’ I said. Two reboots later, still no sound. And then I thought. ‘But the sound files I use when my computer loads up are located on my D: drive, which must mean my D drive is playing up again’.

Now at this point, I was not overly concerned, because my hard drive sometimes decides to play up, but usually sorts itself out after rebooting. Not this time…it seems. Upon closer inspection of my disk, it tells me it has become corrupt and unreadable. Perhaps those warning messages I got about corrupt files over the last two days had anything to do with it? Most definitely. They told me to run ‘Check Disk’, which I was unaware of how to do at the time, so I consequently ignored the messages and said I would look up how to run a checkdisk after I’d finished revising for my exams. So now I’ve loaded up my computer to find my drive will not respond, rendering all my data – that would be, let’s see, schoolwork, pictures, music, design work, programs, among other things, gone. Or at least lost to my reach for now. The last time I backed up was around Summer, so I’ve lost a heck of a lot of stuff if I cannot recover the data. The thing that threw me was why the bloody computer *told* me there were corrupt files and then two reboots later, has corrupt the whole disk. I was perhaps naive to think that corrupt files do not multiply, but it seems profoundly odd that windows gave me a warning before the drive went down. Usually it just decides to do it on a whim.

In any case, I’m running some recovery software from my C: drive now, in the hope i can retrieve all my data without screwing any of it up… I think I’ll go spare if I lose it all, not least for the D.T work I had started, but all the new music files I have downloaded and random stuff I’ve collected together. I have my original backup, but I don’t want to lose all my new stuff… >.<


The rest of the day was great, but maybe I’ll explain tomorrow if I have my data back, otherwise rely on Dave for a positive report, because I’m liable to be extremely grumpy for a while if I’ve lost my files…

2 comments on “D:\ Is corrupt and unreadable…
  1. hevabee says:

    Aaw, hope you manage to get it sorted!

  2. hevabee says:

    Aaw, hope you manage to get it sorted!

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