Deep sea bonefish extension cord

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It’s that time of the week again. Here’s another bizarre product from the everlasting goody bag of interesting Japanese items (Omoshiro Zakka). What with my penchant for deep sea creatures (especially the bioluminescent variety) I couldn’t resist this weird bonefish extension cable.


As you can see above, our fleshless friend comes in a cool midnight black version and awesome underfed look. If you plug him into the wall, his devilish eye will illuminate your room and add that touch of dead fish class that we all crave.


All rolled up in his box, he seems rather harmless, but watch out! Unravel the bonefish and his spiky skeleton will adorn your bedside lamp, or that pimped up desktop computer you have in the corner.


Fear not, however, as the ‘spikes’ are made of a soft plastic and will bend if you accidentally step on him. ‘He’ also comes in a fetching white ‘She’ version, again with light up eyes and flexible fishy skeleton. Coming in at 1.2m in length and about 3,800 yen, this fearsome fish isn’t a cheap way to extend your untidy cables, but it’s sure to have that wow factor to make you the envy of your friends ;)

Source: Rakuten

Happy New Year to you all, by the way! Here’s to another great one ^_^

3 comments on “Deep sea bonefish extension cord
  1. orchid64 says:

    I'm sure that most men wouldn't have this response, but all I can think of is that after 3 months of use in Tokyo's dust and pollution, that's going to look like crap and be incredibly hard to get good and clean with a bunch of soft spines!

  2. Joe Munro says:

    That thing is awesome.

  3. Brian says:

    I think it’s made by Mawa Denki, this crazy art group who made a series of useless stuff inspired by fish. They made some things like fish scale tattoo machines, a fish “operated” typewriter, and some machine that randomly dropped spikes into a fish bowl to randomly kill the fish. They are pretty rad.

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