Final Farewells

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We (the Japanese group) went to London on Wednesday to have our final day out together as a GCSE group. We will see each other again, and there will be other days out and reunions, but we’ll never do so in quite the same way again, sadly. But regardless, we made the best of it, hopping around computer stores for Simon, and also visiting Hamleys (where we all had fun trying on different hats and admiring the plush stuffed animals) and several other interesting small shops around the Soho area. Forbidden Planet has moved now, but it’s huge (!!) with such a large selection of manga and absolutely cool movie and oddball merchandise. Great stuff ^_^. We stopped in Gosh!, outside the British Museum for a while and then headed out for our ‘Last Supper’ as Chris called it, at none other than our own little Zipangu, all tucked away in China Town. The food was excellent as always ^^.

Soon afterwards, we headed out into the rain to go to the Karaoke Box and sung for an hour (while buying obligatory drinks o.O; ). On the train home we messed around like usual, although a few of us tried Wai-sun’s body tattoo pen. I copied Jack Skellington’s head (from The Nightmare Before Christmas) onto my wrist and then played around trying to get macro shots of the drawing and black and white stripes :P.

On Thursday to Friday, we all went to Dave’s sleepover at his newly refurbished house. Zatoichi – a Takashi Kitano film – had to be the highlight of the movies watched that evening. Many random things went on, as usual, although Lianne triumphed rather embarrassingly at scaring me while I was messing around with my Gollum impression o.O;.

I had to do my UCAS form on Thursday and Friday by going into school, but thankfully it’s all done now. The second version of my personal statement (which has a lot of re-written stuff in it) took my about 3 hours, which is a big improvement on last year’s 3 weeks. Granted, I didn’t have to do it from scratch this time though.

On Saturday night we all went to Heather’s for another sleepover (although I left the same evening so I could get up early to pack on Sunday). We watched Resident Evil and played Taboo, which is a little like Articulate, where you have to describe the word written on a card without using any of the ‘taboo’ words also written below it. Fun stuff, especially with the purple squeaky thing that accompanies the game ^^;. Later on in the evening, we all sang along to Monty Python before Lianne and I left.

I said my final farewells to everyone with hugs and thanks for the card they all signed. Oh, and *manly* hugs, uhh, bear hugs, to Simon of Chris, of course :P. It’s going to be tough for this next month or so, while I adapt to an independent life in Japan, but I’m sure everyone will be feeling some similar things when going to University. Well, email and snail mail will have to suffice for the next 6-9 months until we can all meet as a whole group again.

It’ll be great to see how everyone has changed when we do, especially when I look back at how much I, and everyone else in the Japanese class, have grown up since we began 2 years ago… Thanks guys, for a fantastic 2 years, and here’s to many more. I love ya all ^_^.

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