Finding Nemo! Broken Sword!

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Two titles that have very little to do with one another, but have been the highlights of my last two days…

I finally started playing ‘Broken Sword’ – an RPG/Adventure game (like Monkey Island)for the PC – on Friday and today. Very good game, even if the animation has past it by today’s standards. The storyline rocks though!

And what can I say about Finding Nemo? My dad got a copy of this so we just finished watching it on DVD. It easily makes it into my top favourite animated movies of all time ^_^. Far, far better than some of the anime I’ve seen, and that’s saying something, as I’m a big fan of Japanese animation…I will definitely buy this when it comes out, a copy does not do it justice!

It was my sister’s 15th birthday today as well. I believe she got most of what she wanted, ‘Bad Girls’ DVD boxsets and some expensive perfume were the main presents. To think, next year she’ll be 16…yikes! I’ll be all the way off at University by then (I hope), but I’m sure I’ll come home and stuff ^_^.

I’m rambling, so I may as well rap this up and go find some cute pictures of the fish in Finding Nemo ^_^. Oh, and a wonderful song that’s playing. I love the lyrics to this…

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