Gilbert’s Syndrome

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I’ve just returned from the Doctor’s to talk about the results of that blood test I had before I went to Japan. Apparently I have a higher-then-normal level of bilirubin (37, the normal being about 22). Anything over 35 usually causes slight yellow discolouration in the whites of the eyes or skin. The level fluctuates, which explains why it’s not really noticeable some days, but I can finally answer people when they complain at my eyes looking too yellow. I suppose one positive thing is that I can use it as an excuse for not drinking, because serum bilirubin is excreted by the liver and my high level merits it being labelled as a ‘disorder’. :P lol. As you might have guessed, ‘Gilbert’s Syndrome’ is the name for the disorder, but it’s benign, so nothing to worry about, I’m told.

Since I’ve got back from Japan, I’ve done very little other than miss it. Most of the souvenirs are still not packed away ^^; but I spent some of today scanning in various items. I might write some of the diary up tonight, after my Duke of Edinburgh’s meeting at 7.30pm. I was pretty surprised on Friday when I got home and my mum pointed out that I’d lost weight. Even I couldn’t tell from looking in the mirror o.O;. It turns out I’ve lost about ¾ of a stone! In 10 days! I imagine some people will be jealous of this, but it’s just irritating because none of my trousers fit properly anymore. >.<

I think my family liked the presents I gave them. My sister was definitely pleased with the large plush makkuro kurosuke I gave her (see today’s avatar :P) and my mum liked her ojijoosan statuettes. I gave my dad the artwork I’d bought from the Edo-Tokyo museum (which arrived relatively flat, thanks to the reinforced hand luggage ^^). My dad is always difficult to buy for, but the chopsticks my host family gave to each member of my own family impressed him. They are pretty cool, admittedly. Really light, and they have a sort of twisted, knurled end to pick things up with instead of the usual uniform cone shape. Oh! And they have usagi (rabbits) on the top ^_^.

I must buy my host family a better gift before I leave on DofE this week, write and email my Japanese friends, and start sorting out my belated birthday sleepover thing. And I want to begin learning from my new Japanese textbooks I bought while I was over there. I rang GAP today to remind them I’m here and need to speak to the Japan coordinator, so hopefully I’ll receive a call tomorrow or Wednesday before I leave again. I really want to return to Japan now! – So long as it’s near a city. The only thing I’m not too hot on is being put on an island like Okinawa or something. As fun as that may be, it would mean I’d be hard pressed to travel to Tokyo and stuff during any time I get off.

I’m currently working through the two albums Ayako gave me – TM Revolution and GLAY. Good stuff ^^.

Rough tadpole count: 7 Wooo!
Froglet count 0
Froglets released 1
Development: I found the others today, so I’m still at 7 tadpoles ^_^
Other observations: None

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