How to make people Angry

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Professor Himonya (碑文谷潤教授), the ‘rude dude’, ‘zoomjap’ or ‘card crusher’. He’s perhaps best known in the English-speaking internet world as these things due to his hilarious DVD series entitled ‘How to make people angry’ and his bizarre facial expressions.

The anger videos are in Japanese, but that hasn’t stopped many of the gimmicks from reaching other cultures. Don’t let me speak for him however – take a peek at the videos yourself. I painstakingly added English subtitles too!

How to make people angry DVDAside from being an insanely funny guy on television and having a face made of rubber, Himonya-sensei is actually a linguistics professor at the Tokyo Tokai University, teaching and writing books on communication. Or so I was nearly led to believe. Himonya is actually a stage name and the University he claims he works for is imaginary. Regardless however, his sketches are hilarious. You can find a few of his DVDs if you search

Video sites like Youtube and Nico Nico Douga have some of his more famous material stored. It seems that originally he released DVDs showing different situations and actions that would annoy people, and that due to the popularity of those, did some television appearances himself. Most notable are the ones where he proceeds to insult the female presenter, Miho, interviewing him as part of the act. But enough from me – I took the liberty of finding a few of the gems among the material online, including the hilarious ensemble ‘te-te-te’ at the end of this post. (Be sure to watch that last!)

First up then, let’s jump right in with his ‘card-crusher’ routine. Click on the box on the right hand side of the video to view subtitles if they don’t automatically come up!

The card crusher act

Next up, Contempt. How do you look down on people?

Following that, a spot of Doubt.

Full of yourself much? Perhaps you’re acting like a stuck up King…

Gives that delightful teenage word ‘Crush’ a whole new meaning…

Talking through your nose. A classic kids party trick.


And finally – the celebration and masterpiece that is Professor Himonya! Watch him in his own fan-crafted video ^^. I wonder who made it..?


Watch the full ‘How to make people angry’ program in 3 parts on Nico Nico Douga (no subtitles):

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


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