In a hole

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Just finished watching ‘The Hole’ that my sister taped. It’s a surprisingly good horror film actually – every twist in it caught me out, so it wasn’t at all predictable for me. There was psychological eeriness – which I always find is much more scary than flat out gore – and an interesting approach to the plotline. Definitely one of the more unsettling films I’ve seen since the Japanese ‘Ringu’ (which was over two years ago now) or a few of the other Japanese style horror films.

I have done virtually nothing constructive today apart from a little ironing. I watched The Wedding Singer again this afternoon (one of the most endearing comedy-romance movies I’ve come across) and then Ice Age this evening, which was also pretty good. I’ve eaten a truckload of rubbish today as well, which I’m putting down to the fact that my diet has been so healthy over the Japan trip, so I need to balance it out :P. I have a lot to do tomorrow, including packing for my DofE expedition (still not looking forward to it), tiding up my Japan stuff and writing that diary (or I’ll most likely forget most of the details after I return from DofE) and generally organising things.
I’ve been brooding again and I feel like there’s an unresolved air around. I need to talk to some people…

Current music is one I downloaded after Stephanie recommended it in her lyrics post. Not bad; I like it ^_^.

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