I’ve got a golden ticket!

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I’ve just found out reading on the new official Oingo Boingo website that Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is set to be re-made by non other than legend Tim Burton! What’s even better is than Danny Elfman is scoring it (lead singer of Oingo Boingo when they were around and film composer for films such as Beetle Juice, Spiderman, Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands) and – although I’m not 100% on this – Johnny Depp is playing Wonka! After his performance in Pirates, I’m not alone in becoming something of a fan of his (although for different reasons than *some* of you… :P). I think it’s due to be released in 2005, so let’s hope it’s not rushed and we get some good old Burton-Elfman mastery (as they’ve paired on loads of outstanding films in the past). Anyway, enough of my rambling; have a *link* and a Livejournal cut for a quiz:

The \\
Last Cigarette: Never – evil deathsticks
Last Alcoholic Drink: I don’t drink, but otherwise the sip of rum I had at the prom
Last Car Ride: Earlier with my mum returning from Tescos
Last Kiss: Uhh. Never… :\
Last Good Cry: A couple of weeks ago talking to my mum about an issue
Last Library Book: Wow! Erm… Probably something for P.E. research in year 10
Last book bought: The Wisdom of Socrates
Last Book Read: The Essential Difference (hope Jenni doesn’t kill me. Hehe :P)
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, I think
Last Movie Rented: My family rented Peter Pan recently
Last Cuss Word Uttered: Baka :P
Last Beverage Drank: Milk
Last Food Consumed: Scones and butter :P
Last Crush: Current
Last Phone Call: To GAP this afternoon
Last TV Show Watched: Lizzie Maguire… :P
Last Time Showered: This morning
Last Shoes Worn: My great Karrimor outdoor trainers ^^
Last CD Played: Review by GLAY, right now
Last Item Bought: Pocky
Last Download: The Hives – Walk Idiot Walk
Last Annoyance: Someone who will remain nameless
Last Disappointment: Probably that some of my digital pictures from Japan are blurred
Last Soda Drank: Calpis, I think, a sip of Dave’s just before we left Japan
Last Thing Written: The last entry to my paper journal for Japan
Last Key Used: Locker key for the underground coin lockers in Japan
Last Words Spoken: Probably ‘Thanks for picking me up’ to my mum tonight
Last Sleep: Last night
Last Ice Cream Eaten: Chocolate on the Shinkansen! Or grape ice at the host family’s ^_^
Last Chair Sat In: My computer chair, currently
Last Webpage Visited: Oingo Boingo – Official homepage
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2 comments on “I’ve got a golden ticket!
  1. hevabee says:

    Ah that is soo old news! :P

  2. hevabee says:

    Ah that is soo old news! :P

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