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I suppose I should update this briefly to let everyone know I’m actually back. Also, apologies for the mistake in the last post that a friend pointed out to me; I meant I would be very UNlikely to reply to emails while I was in Japan. In any case, the whole trip rocked! I miss it so much now and I’m hoping even more that I get a GAP placement there this September that suits me. It’ll be a different experience entirely, but I feel like I’ve only just tasted the culture (although had more than that my fair share of rice over the 10 days :P). I will be writing a Japan journal, but I’m not sure on the best way to do this. I have lots of things to scan in yet and I need to use up about 24 pictures before I can get my second film roll developed (and pray the first is okay, after the rewinding disaster on the trip :( ). Heather has begun her Japan diary on her second journal, so head *here* to get an idea of things for now ^_^.

Right now, I’m really tired because I’ve just finished a 7-hour shift at the CO-OP after they asked me to come in earlier today. I’m really not looking forward to the Duke of Edinburgh’s expedition in the Peak District this Thursday either, due to a combination of jet lag and general moodiness at being home. I don’t know how it’s supposed to compare to the best vacation in my life that I’ve just had… Don’t get me wrong, I did miss my family, but I always feel miserable for a couple of days after a great holiday. Hopefully it’ll subside soon…

Rough tadpole count: 5
Froglet count 0
Froglets released 1
Development: A bit fatter, less weed than when I left and down a few tadpoles, but otherwise, mostly the same.
Other observations: One of the fish is bigger now and has a wider eye that is a little freaky to look at. It keeps darting around the tank. I’ll need to put some more weed in there soon as the creatures have gobbled most of it up.

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